Show Host

While watching her favorite shopping network during college, Taline had a revelation: she wanted to become a show host. 

Not many broadcasters can say they are on the air for 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, but that is exactly what Taline has been doing since 2007.

Taline is a broadcast journalist and host who tells the stories of how democracy works —  and doesn’t work — for all kinds of people. Taline has interviewed local activists, drawing on years spent in the trenches of the nation’s most competitive campaigns and in the halls of government working to resolve global challenges.  

Taline is the rare host with a nuanced understanding of both domestic and international current affairs.

More than anything She is a complete product management nerd; she loves speaking about all thing’s product management related, learning from other people’s perspectives (and of course now sharing them with others).

Taline received a Masters from Georgetown University Law Center and studied history at the University of Michigan. She lives in Maryland with her veterinarian husband and two kids under five. She wants a dog again but has agreed to wait until the family is done with diapers. Taline finds zen while scuba diving, which is not as often as she would like.