* Live stream with SAM Broadcaster Live-DJ (included in your Cloud subscription), SAM Broadcaster PRO, and SAM Broadcaster

Any Device, Anywhere
SAM Broadcaster Cloud allows you to upload your content, set rotation rules, tasks, and playblocks, and then shut down your computer! With SAM Cloud, you can relax knowing that your station is always up and running, when you're not around to operate it.
Live Streaming
Your SAM Broadcaster Live DJ software can seamlessly leverage your SAM Broadcaster Cloud streaming configuration to host talk shows or stream live shows and events. When you are done live streaming, simply switch back to SAM Broadcaster Cloud to resume your automated content. The interoperability enables a smooth transition from one software platform to the other, ensuring that your stream is always live and of the highest quality.
Web Integrations
Are you looking to elevate the look and feel of your station site by embedding a player or widget? Our easy to integrate web and player widgets are here to help. Our robust players and widgets provide your audience with ample opportunity to stay engaged, with "Now Playing" information, the ability to browse media libraries, request and dedicate songs, and more.
No Need for Clunky Hardware
SAM Broadcaster Cloud is a powerful cloud-based internet radio broadcasting solution that allows you to broadcast from anywhere in the world using any computer with access, saving you time and money as it relates to hardware, maintenance, and monitoring costs.
SAM Broadcaster Cloud enables you to set custom permissions by station manager, enabling you to customize access and control over things like your music library, station management functions, and more.
Music Library
Our software enables you to organize large music libraries quickly, including creating multiple playlists, importing information from tags, looking up track information, and more. With flexible storage capacities, no size library is too big or too small. The best part? It supports a wide range of formats, including mp3, aac, m4a, wma, ogg and wav.
Reporting and Statistics
Through data logs our software provides you with valuable insight into your audience and its ongoing growth including content performance reporting, station playback history.
Multi-Station Management
With SAM Broadcaster Cloud, managing multiple radio stations from the same database is easy. One account, one music library, no headaches.
A Reliable Fallback Solution
Every live streamed station needs a reliable automatic fallback solution, and SAM Broadcaster Cloud can be yours! No matter the cause of the disruption, SAM Broadcaster Cloud will detect the disconnect and can resume streaming automatically, so your loyal audience will not experience any disruption in their listening experience.
Professional-Grade Music Scheduling
SAM Broadcaster Cloud is compatible with most music scheduling software, including MusicMaster, Music1, GSelector, and more, to enable the seamless import of *.m3u playlists into SAM Broadcaster Cloud for a quick way to manage your station schedule.
Stream to your Existing Server
SAM Broadcaster Cloud provides you with the freedom to use the SAM Broadcaster Cloud one-click streaming technology, or, your own SHOUTcast v1 / v2 or Icecast v2 server.
Streaming is Included
Each SAM Broadcaster Cloud station comes with 120 listener slots. Simply switch your station “On Air” and you’re off to the races. No need to worry about the configuration of encoders, IP addresses, or port numbers. Additionally, you have the freedom to stream in AAC (recommended) or MP3, up to 320kbps. HEAACv2 is only available up to 64kbps.
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SAM Broadcaster Cloud is PRO Internet Radio, Simplified.

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What our Customers say About Us

Indonesian Red Cross - West Sumatera Radio

We would like to thank the Spacial for supporting our Red Cross Community Radio in Padang, Indonesia. The ability of SAM Broadcaster for Radio Automation is superb. Spacial has made our humanity works easier, especially in information dissemination to people in our area.

~ Aim Zein
Head of Organization Department

SLB Radio Productions, Inc.

SLB has used SAM Broadcaster since 2004 when we established a new showcase studio co-located in the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh. The software reliably manages over 70,000 audio tracks and makes it easy for us to search and play tracks on the fly as well as create playlists for future use, all while performing as the workhorse that has kept us on the air for 16 years. In addition to offering excellent support, Spacial Audio continues to innovate with ongoing software updates, modern streaming options, up-to-date royalty reports, and SAM Broadcaster Cloud. We're glad that we chose Spacial Audio and can attest that our choice has stood the test of time.

~ Larry Berger
Executive Director

Young Journalist Academy

YJA Radio launched 2013 – a fully licensed online radio platform broadcasting 24 hours a day worldwide with programs produced and presented exclusively by our Young Journalists using SAM BROADCASTER CLOUD. Engaged with over 6500 young people since 2008, so far…! The programme has developed over 600 professional young journalists

~ Samual Atkins

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